Mountbatten MRT Station Near to Roxy Pacific Holdings Condo

The SMRT Corporation operates the Mountbatten MRT station situated on the border of Kallang and Geylang in Singapore. Construction of the Mountbatten MRT station began in September 2003, and it was opened in April 2010. It is electrified and has two tracks. The station has been constructed underground and can be accessed using buses or taxis. It has ample parking, and the HBD carparks are nearby. Mountbatten MRT station has facilities that make it accessible to the disabled and also has bicycle racks. The station also has public toilets.

Mountbatten MT Station Near to Roxy Pacific Holdings Condo

The station has two platforms. There are escalators, stairs, and a lift to connect the two platforms. There are display screens on each platform to display anticipated arrival times. The tactile-flooring has been designed to cater to the visually impaired. The floor helps guide them to the exit from the platform. Mountbatten MRT Station will be near to Roxy Pacific Holdings new development at Guillemard Lane. It is also home to many of the developments located near to Geylang. The development also consist of garbage removal system for your family. Please also see the home maintenance tips as well as essential household item tips for your family.

Mountbatten MRT Station Near to Guillemard Lane Condo

General Ticketing Machines are present for passengers to buy tickets for either single or several journeys. Commuters can make inquiries at the station office which has staff ready to assist them. In the event of a national emergency, the station has been designed to be a civil defense shelter. It is therefore equipped with protective blast doors, a dry toilet system, power, ventilation and decontamination facilities and water supply. These facilities are to create a suitable environment for people who will seek shelter at the station.

Mountbatten MRT Station Arena Residences Roxy Homes

To ensure the safety of commuters at the Mountbatten station, it is equipped with safety features. There are emergency train stop buttons which can stop trains from entering or leaving the station when activated. In case you encounter difficulties in the lift you can also communicate with the staff using the intercom system. Since nothing is perfect train doors may also fail at times. The emergency doors are therefore designed in a way that they can be manually opened. Fire extinguishers are also present at the station and escalators have emergency stop buttons. There are MRT breakdown shuttle buses available to ferry passengers in case of any disruptions that may affect the stations.

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