Roxy Pacific Holdings Developer for Arena Residences

Roxy-pacific holding established in 1967is a renowned hospitality and property group engaged in the sale and progression of commercial and residential property, asides this they also own the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel. This is a huge achievement, but of course, there is more. On March 12th, 2008 the Roxy Pacific Hotels was listed on the SGX Mainboard. Their specialization in private and residential places includes both small and medium development. Though they have more of an Asian Pacific, focus there is more than enough for everybody.

Roxy Pacific Establishments in Districts

Roxy-pacific has several establishments that are already up and running at the moment. They are places fit for royalty located in the most prestigious districts available. The buildings raised among picturesque locations ensures that you always get the perfect view is never a problem. A single housing location is set to house at least 56 amazing individuals or families who want to adopt convenience and prestige as their way of life.

Roxy Pacific Locations in Singapore

Roxy Pacific also has plans to erect more of this fantastic and slightly structures in the Asian Pacific. Located in selected neighborhood, Roxy Holdings is in three locations in Singapore, one in Australia, and one in Indonesia. The tenure will all be freehold, and this is exciting news because once you start living there, you wouldn’t The Roxy Pacific Holdings also have commercial holdings for lease. This is known as the Roxy Square Shopping Centre, covering almost 3,384 square meters and owns a group of 51 shop unit available for lease to any interested person. This is good for any business one wishes to set up because the location makes it easy for humans to get in contact with any business there, which is what every businessperson wants. Other commercial holdings available for lease are located in Sydney Australia, Auckland New Zealand in two places.

Roxy Pacific Social Responsibility

Roxy Pacific Holdings has a reputation for holding a strong social responsibility and hold in high esteem the act of giving back to the society outside their professional and business engagements. This they have done by helping the children and elderly who are in need in the society. In 2017 they were proud to enter their tenth year of children initiation which was launched in 2007. They have also organized several charity events like the car washing charity event which rose an approximately $134000 after they washed around one hundred and four works.

With luxury locations all over the world assuring you the comfort and luxury you need and deserve and the view you can only get when you go on vacations brought to your windows. Also the knowledge that the people that house you give back to the society, I do not see why you will not jump on this opportunity to get the luxury condo or commercial location for your business that you have always wanted.